Reverend Nashan.  President

Reverend Nunn has been a leader in the pagan community for many years.  He has dedicated his life to further the education and spiritual growth of all who choose to walk the path of mysteries.  By serving as leadership for events in the pagan community such as, Pagan Pride Day and ConVocation, he has worked to ensure that all who choose to seek a strong pagan community find one.  Reverend Nunn began his journey as a student of Wicca and has found the principles of Wicca to be the central pillar of his philosophy.  It is his goal to help as many as possible find their path to enlightenment and joy in life.

Geralyn Mystic. Vice President

Geralyn Mystic has been billed as a “Mystical Life Coach.” A lifetime spiritual seeker and natural witch, she considers herself a child of Hecate, and teaches others to embrace their personal power and rise to a higher level of consciousness. She is co-director of Annual Summer Gathering and travels Michigan as a pagan presenter.  She believes in being a positive force in her community and works to bring her community together. She presently holds four different college degrees, is a published poet, a mother of two, and works as a public school teacher.

Steve Prater. Treasurer

Steve has been a lifelong advocate of nature and the spiritual path. The past 5 years he has started his journey to enlightenment and the calling of Wicca. He started his path with dowsing which led him into the fields of tarot and the healing arts of Reiki and Ashati. He now hopes to serve his community by helping teach and guide others in the direction of the divine.

Dominique Jermyn, Marketing Director

Dominique has always loved spirituality and sees spirituality as a means to a fulfilled life. She has been a member of Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran churches, an adherent of Salafi Islam, and now is an active practitioner of The Craft & student of the occult. She has a great passion for learning about various spiritual paths and philosophies. She hopes to use her knowledge to enrich others' lives and improve our society as a whole.

Becki Lantto (Becki Nopants). Board Member

Eclectic wiccan solitaire that takes a hands-on approach. Has taken Wicca 101 & 201 courses taught by Auntie Dame, plus extra classes at Convocation and PaganFest, and read too many books to list, favorites being Idiots Guide to Wicca, and Utterly Wicked.  Have taught at Pagan Pride Detroit and currently have 2 students. I’m also big fan of Wic-Doo for the simplicity of it. I am completely grateful for the gifts that the Goddess and community have given and look forward to helping others receive theirs.

Cynthia Day. Board Member

Cynthia has been a lifelong learner of the spiritual and natural world. Following her teachers guidance she found her new abilities and capabilities within herself and now hopes to inspire others in their journey of self. She has studied for the past 2 years and now teaches with the GLEE group in Ohio. Cynthia is also pursuing her calling in the areas of Wicca and Quantum Craft. In her spare time she devotes herself to her family and healing others when she is not serving her community.

Ted Ursus. Board Member

Ted was drawn to spiritual studies since his youth in the Jewish community. Ted’s quest for knowledge and to help others led him to teach English to children in Tiberius, Israel. In 2011 he found fellowship and growth potential in the Detroit Pagan community. He became a student at the Woolston-Steen theological seminary for a year. Ted’s focus is to help other pagans find fellowship and growth within themselves and the community.

Marie McGee.  Board Member

Marie was raised in a small tight-knit community in Northern Michigan. In the late 90s she started her spiritual journey learning about as many religions she could, and finding herself most connected with Wicca. After moving to Southfield in 2012, she continued her journey becoming involved with the Pagan community in the Detroit Metro area. Currently she is Secretary of Pagan Pathways Temple, and hopes to learn more about herself and her craft.